Secondary Department - Pupils aged 14 - 19

Teaching and Learning in the Secondary Department

Young Enterprise at Billing Brook

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Although we follow the National Curriculum and meet all statutory requirements we have our own Creative Curriculum designed to meet the needs of the pupils we teach and to prepare them for the next stage in their education.

Pupils have access to externally assessed courses currently provided by OCR, Ingots and NOCN. All pupils have a daily literacy and numeracy lesson working towards individual targets, many other subjects are grouped for example The World Around Us includes history and geography plus elements of RE and Healthy living includes PE, swimming, personal hygiene and healthy eating and living and Creative Arts encompasses the arts and music.

All pupils take Food Technology in our new specialist classroom and learn skills for cooking skills and indent living. Other subjects include horticulture and ecology, culture and diversity, MFL, careers, science and ICT. Both day and residential visits are a regular feature of the curriculum.

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How many pupils are in a class ?

Class size depends on age and individual needs. All classes have a teacher and a number of teaching assistants according to the needs of the pupils. The number of pupils in a class varies from a minimum of seven to a maximum of twelve. Pupils are generally grouped according to chronological age. Pupils remain with their class throughout the day, however they have the opportunity to be taught by a number of specialist teachers, such as Food Technology and Music.

What do pupils do at 16 ?

We have a very active 16 to 19 curriculum which includes externally assessed courses including horticulture, ICT, drama, life skills and personal progress. Link courses at Moulton, Northampton and Daventry Colleges are a regular feature and include floristry, cooking and rural skills courses.

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Billing Brook is part of the Northamptonshire 16 plus Consortium with pupils mixing other young people from across the county and having access to a much wider range of courses. Parents and pupils are supported by both school and Connexions to ensure that all pupils have a suitable onward placement when they leave school.

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