Billing Brook School

Our Provision

Welcome to the primary department.

In the primary department our class sizes are small (between 8 - 12) with additional teaching assistants to help meet the needs of the individual. Our small class sizes ensure that all adults know the children very well, their needs, their likes and dislikes and what motivates them. A key aspect of our work is building and developing on the skills needed to learn to read and write, to use numbers and thinking skills, to better understand the world around us and to become more confident and socially skilled. To this end all pupils have individual work programmes designed to support their learning, personal and social targets.

We believe in supporting our pupils' well-being and ensure that our intervention sessions include a focus on individual needs. Alongside literacy and maths interventions, we focus on supporting our pupils' non-academic development. These include a range of activities such as yoga, developing collaborative learning skills through team building activities and sensory exploration, amongst others. Our aim is for pupils to develop into confident independent learners.

Our staff are highly skilled in meeting the needs of all pupils. All staff complete a thorough internal training programme, which is continuously updated.