Billing Brook School

6th Form

The 6th Form centre is approximately 1 mile from the main site and  offers students the opportunity to follow a personalised, motivating and individual programme, enabling them to grow into independent and confident young adults, preparing them for the next stage of their of their lives. 

We aim for each student to leave having reached their full potential and gained the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications to support them into moving into adulthood.

Our accommodation consists of a pupil common room, 3 classrooms, a medical room,  a flat, an enterprise room and outdoor spaces which provide social spaces and  areas for the students to develop their horticultural skills.

We also provide a significant number of experiences "off site" to enhance the students access to other facilities and opportunities.

6th Form Information Leaflet 

6th Form 5JSm Curriculum Map 2019-20 

6th Form 5DMa Curriculum Maps 2019-20

The 6th Form curriculum

The curriculum for students at the Sixth form is a varied and personalised one, which supports their aspirations for the future. For some this may be employment, for others it may be developing further independence skills.

The curriculum rationale document outlines the intention behind the curriculum options, as well as the impact we see as a result. 

Our curriculum is split into 5 areas; all of which link to the Preparation for Adulthood (PfA)document. 

Literacy and Numeracy for life (inc Functional skills and ASDAN Life skills challenges)

Employability (Work skills, Work related learning, Enterprise, Options and Future planning)

Community Cohesion (RE, Current Affairs, Travel Training)

Health (PHSE, PE, Gym)

Independence (Life skills)

All students will continue to develop their core skills in English, Maths and ICT  through Functional Skills accreditation (Entry Level 1 – Level 2) or Life and Living units and ASDAN Life Skills challenge. All areas of learning have a strong focus on helping students to acquire and develop the skills they will need to make a successful transition into adulthood and individual subjects are grouped into one of the 5 areas of learning to ensure opportunities to embed skills across the curriculum are provided.

Our curriculum framework has breadth and depth which enables all to experience, learn and progress in preparation for adulthood.

In line with national requirements all students follow English and Math courses which are designed to help them build on their skills and to work towards higher levels of accreditation. This may be through Functional skills, OCR Life and Living or ASDAN Life Skills challenges (new from September 2019).

Students have the opportunity to work towards a wide range of vocational BTEC courses. Their options include:- Bike Maintenance; Hair and Beauty; Caring for Children and Work Skills. As part of their employability sessions and to gain ‘on the job’ skills all students work in our horticulture areas as well as other vocational placements. 

Students also have access to a range of additional accreditations such as: The Duke of Edinburgh Award; Princes Trust, Food Hygiene and First Aid certificates as well as links with Moulton College to support them in gaining accreditations or experiences in Animal care, Construction and cooking. 

In addition to the external accreditation learning sessions also include Enterprise, Travel Training, RE and Current Affairs, Health and Leisure (Gym), and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). 

 Qualifications available in 6th Form

Careers Sixth Form

Employability in the Sixth Form


As part of the ongoing support provided with regards to Preparation for Adulthood and Employability students at the sixth form are involved in Enterprise projects. 

The students involved are all assigned to roles within the business, and are responsible for certain tasks within that. 

We link closely with other companies, more recently working with Billing Aquadrome to attend their events days, where we are able to sell some of the items made by the Enterprise team. Students also sell items at school events and share order forms with parents throughout the year. 

To view the Enterprise document and mission statement click here. 

Targets and Progress

All students follow an accreditation route based on their ability, interests and aspirations and are entered for courses at an appropriate level, from Pre-entry level through to Level 1. 

All of our students have an Individual learning Provision Map (ILPM) which is a working document capturing their academic, physical, communication, emotional  and social progress. Targets are set based on their ECHP long term outcomes and are continually reviewed and updated, ensuring that students are continually making progress. Parents are informed of and involved in ILPM target setting at Annual reviews and parent evenings.

The academic progress in English and Maths is recorded on a system called Educator. This allows us to track the acquisition of skills  and to identify ‘next steps’ in their learning.

Progress in all areas is monitored closely and teachers produce an end of year report, detailing the students achievements.



For all students in the sixth form transition is a large part of the work we complete. Whether that is transition to college, or employment, or supported living environments, every students route is supported and monitored. 

Transition events will be held in school as well as links with local colleges and employers developed to support all opportunities. Events are held at colleges and local provisions to provide taster days as well as supporting transition prior to leaving in Year 13. 

As a school we work closely with the transitions team to support the needs of students and families. The following link provides information on this service.

We also work closely with the Northamptonshire Adult social services to provide further support with housing, education and independence.

For more information and support on transitions please contact the school 


Parental Involvement

We strive to involve parents at all levels, recognising the huge benefits that a shared partnership brings.  

Parents are invited to attend the Annual EHCP reviews and parents consultation evenings, 3 times a year to discuss their child’s progress.  They will also receive an end of year report.